Cooperation for personalised dietary advice: PRECIOUS and QuaLiFY

Cooperation for personalised dietary advice: PRECIOUS and QuaLiFY

PRECIOUS and QuaLiFY (EU-funded projects) are joining forces to co-operate on our dissemination activities!  Both projects are focusing on personalisation of dietary advice for a healthier lifestyle.

PRECIOUS is developing a preventative care system which uses a combination of state of the art motivational interview and gamification principles to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It creates a personalised system that adapts to the users’ goals and preferences.

QuaLiFY is developing a platform for scientifically sound nutrition and health data and knowledge rules. The platform will be a starting point not only for further research but also to develop personalised nutritional advice products and services. To find out about joint dissemination activities, take a look at our websites and follow us on social media!

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